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With our skilled personnel and innovative technologies, we assist businesses and organizations minimize their data management pain points to accelerate business success.

    Extensive Back-Office Outsourcing Determination

    When you think of improving and growing your business, outsource your back office system to an expert, creative, and unique service provider. Xtreme Technologies BPO not only further improves your management center system but also moves your company forward in terms of cost.

    Ability and execution

    We have established a Center of Excellence (CoE) focused on constantly innovating our back-office outsourcing solutions. Where we maintain a vibrant talent pool of professional and well-trained resources. Our highly trained and professional talent pool ensures that your customers have only the best experience. Our experienced experts have conducted training programs for large-scale companies, using state-of-the-art tools and platforms to practice best practices. The first of which is that it invents new methods for its back-office outsourcing solutions under the guidance of subject matter experts (SMEs). Our CoE team takes advantage of the strategic consultancy approach to ensure consistent service delivery.

    Reliability and Adaptability

    Our right-edge management is delivered through a range of adaptation models, including traditional full surveillance work outside of our top BPO work areas in the Philippines or from home with highly performing remote staff. Defended Safe Work (WFM) management, innovation, and association, and developing collaboration.

    These outsourcing engagement models enable you to do many things including market trends, climate change, and unforeseen events. We also have Strict Business Continuity Plan (BCP) options to consolidate your business and ensure uninterrupted operations. Which you can take advantage of.

    Innovation and Development

    Through outsourcing, you can reinvest your company’s cost savings in technology and innovation. Our total management of BPO robotization is planned by man-made AI (AI) experts who help you eliminate tedious, tedious assignments with Mechanical Interaction Computerization (RPA). Can give voice to clients. And we offer you a safe self-support option with biometrics. And we provide customer support with dedicated chatbots.

    What Are Back Office Processes?

    The back office is the part of a company made up of staff who are not involved directly with clients. The back office includes settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT.

    Some non-specific back-office capacities incorporate:

    Claims processing

    Customer administration

    Applications and record-keeping

    Payments/statement processing/adjustments

    Loan initiation/processing

    Priority case management

    Order fulfillment/client services


    Inside sales support /lead generation

    Transaction processing

    Data entry and Inventory invoicing

    Document indexing, conversion, and scanning

    Database management and web development

    Administrative centers might be situated in regions with lower lease and work costs, someplace other than the organization’s base camp. Such usefulness might be moved to Business Process Outsourcing associations in different topographies to amplify both expense reserve funds and debacle recuperation. Generally, administrative centers monotonously process huge volumes of exchanges. These cycles can be basic, in/out advances (i.e., posting an installment), or complex, multi-step processes that range days, weeks, or even months (i.e., business credit applications and extortion case the board). The people included can go from information passage assistants to inspectors, record and caseworkers, and IT experts. No matter what the capacity, the business goals remain something very similar:

    • Doing the job correctly and increasing the speed
    • Providing the lowest cost of processing
    • Meeting service delivery deadlines
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction

    Optimise your business performance with our scalable back office services

    Xtreme Technologies BPO’s Business Process Organization Cycle

    Continuously putting our esteemed clients first, Xtreme Technologies BPO gives Back office administrations to different associations having a place with the Fortune 500 as well as mid-size associations. Making cooperative energy of innovation with labor supply, we process exchanges at the most minimal conceivable expense per movement with the most extensive level of precision. Having a powerful history of reevaluating arrangements, crossed achievements, and building longstanding business connections, Xtreme Technologies BPO is a definitive decision for a colleague. Planning your smooth administrative center capacities for you, we diminish functional expense, increment incomes, and permit you to zero in on your center abilities.

    Back-Office Process with BPM:

    Business Process Management or BPM is the heavenly procedure for examining, observing, and coordinating work processes draw near, inside an organization, to further develop effectiveness and constantly upgrade results. A monotonous interaction advances on schedule and is viewed as a vital part of present-day best strategic policies.

    BPM apparatuses regularly influence robotization to smooth out business values and reasonable preparation. Empowering BPM practice with your Back-office activities will permit you to convey more noteworthy business worth to your clients and partners. BPM processes normally include:

    • Recognizing and planning change in the existing cycle stream via robotizing or re-designing.
    • Displaying execution strategies for each errand to guarantee center, including organization.
    • Assessing during execution, for announcing and investigating Correcting and improving to normalize quality tasks through programming or advanced mechanics.
    • Enhancing the customer experience and optimizing company growth metrics.

    Robotic Process Automation:

    What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) handles and controls data by programming robots (AI). Having AI abilities, it handles and imitates high-volume, repeatable undertakings that recently required human contribution at a large scale.
    Robotic programming is planned and worked to send/get data and follow up on task-driven rules. Additionally, RPA’s ‘robots’ are worked with future limits taking care of and can take on standard utilities through mechanized handling and self-learning. These then catch and decipher existing applications to:

    • Process transactions
    • Manipulate data
    • Trigger responses
    • Communicate with other digital systems

    RPA Operations:

    RPA supports your company in various branches such as finance, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, customer service, and human resources. It depends on their practical application, they can be used in any field, some of which are:

    • Process automation expedites back-office tasks like data entry, purchase order issuing, creation of online access credentials, everyday functionality, etc.
    • IT support and management in remote infrastructure can quickly investigate and solve problems for your output. RPA can better offer service desk operations and monitoring of network devices.
    • Mechanized Assistants can give replies to questions in the normal language as opposed to programming code. Like voice acknowledgment programming, it very well may be utilized to deal with language, recover data, and construct fundamental substance to suit client needs.
    • (Xtreme Technologies BPO is an individual from the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence)

    The Intersection of BPM and RPA:

    RPA programming can assist organizations with helping their capacities and get a good deal for huge scope exchanges. Modern robots are revamping the assembling business by hoisting individuals from dull, monotonous assignments, and helping IT support cycles, work processes, and further developing process duration. BPM, in any case, supports the general rejuvenation and intensification of organization abilities, especially zeroing in on computerized change for unrivaled client encounters.
    RPA’s ought to be utilized just when human intercession is to stay away from totally automated pre-decided processes. BPM, then again, requires human feeling and info and can assist with accomplishing authoritative objectives through self-awareness.

    When joined, they can complete one another. Deciding the requirement for one or the other or both would require a starter investigation of the work process inside any association. Fortunately,

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