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    Customers are the bloodline of any business – whether you sell goods, services or information. Businesses can only ensure success and profitability when their customers are satisfied, and that’s possible with high-end client attendance and engagement. BPO Call center services are meant to do just that and more.

    While businesses can’t ignore the importance of real-time and efficient customer support, they can’t also allocate heavy budgets as that capital is needed for production, marketing and other business processes. But no worries, your business doesn’t really have to compromise on its customer relationship management. Xtreme Technologies is here to share your duty.

    Why do big and small businesses prefer outsourcing customer service?

    Here are top 5 reasons why you should also consider outsourcing your inbound and outbound call center services like most other successful businesses worldwide:


    As an entrepreneur, you need to allocate funds to different business processes, and you want all of them to be cost-efficient and high in terms of ROI. BPO in customer support offers budget-friendly options that you can choose and customize according to the size and requirements of your business.

    Trained staff

    Customers prefer talking to REAL human beings because of an understanding and connection that only highly professional staff can provide. Agents at Xtreme Technologies are certified for email and phone communication, have high communication standards and best accent to win the trust of customers.

    Professional equipment and space

    Best call center services require a clutter-free environment so customers don’t feel distracted on call. Only professional equipment, hardware and dedicated office space can ensure so. BPO call center service providers guarantee a calm environment to turn your business interactions into transactions.

    Understanding of consumer psychology

    Not every employee understands the client behind the phone – only expert and experienced client success personnel can guarantee that. This strong understanding of customer psychology in different business domains is super important to solve the problem of the customer and exceed their expectations remotely.

    Round the clock availability

    To ensure quick responses in real-time with zero rush and waiting, our agents are available round the clock on email, chat and live phone calls. Accessible customer attendance improves customer engagement as well and that helps businesses gain competitive advantage.

    Types of BPO Call center services

    While business process outsourcing offers innumerable options for entrepreneurial support and success, our dedicated inbound and outbound call center services primarily include:

    Email customer support

    These agents are available on a virtual location and respond to client emails about sales inquiries and complaints.

    Live chat customer support

    These agents respond to clients contacting an app or website platform through the live chat option.

    Social media customer support

    These agents basically reply to private messages and comments on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. These can be sales inquiries, price inquiries, ratings and reviews, requests for refunds and so on.

    Virtual receptionist

    A virtual receptionist takes calls, books appointments, notes and notifies of any scheduling changes. All in all, a virtual receptionist does everything an in-house receptionist or front desk offer would do.

    After hours customer support

    Some business websites and queries don’t go for live support. Instead, they generate complaint and query tickets and get back to clients after a specific number of hours.

    Order booking and tracking

    This service is ideal for online businesses like product stores and accessories marketplaces where people prefer booking their orders on call or email. A support agent, in this service, sends out an order confirmation on the provided contact details, and also shares the status of the order or delivery if required.

    360 degree virtual assistance

    Virtual assistance includes all the tasks that an in-house admin staff would perform. With all the other call center tasks mentioned earlier, here are 10 specific task categories that VAs at Xtreme Tech offer:

    Data entry and online form filling on different programs like MS Office, Google Forms etc.

    Cold calling, requesting for reviews and rating and following up with clients

    Responding to social media comments, phone calls, online chats, VoIP services, replying to emails etc.

    Making travel booking online after researching flights and rates

    Calendar management, appointment booking, scheduling and rescheduling

    Generating and sharing payment invoices

    Managing tasks on different business platforms like Trello, Jira, Monday

    Transcribing and translating documents and phone calls when specified in contract

    Have a specific back-office support responsibility that you would like to outsource to us?

    Which businesses should opt for outsourced call center services?

    Every business can choose to invest in customer support. There are certain types of call center services for small businesses, while the same services can be utilized in a high magnitude for enterprise-level corporations. Here are top 5 companies currently yielding great ROI by outsourcing customer service:

    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Ecommerce and retail shopping stores
    • Insurance companies and mutual funds asset managers
    • SaaS and other B2B software companies
    • Real estate firms

    And other professionals like lawyers, mental health therapists etc where customers wish to talk to human representatives!

    Why Outsource Call Center Services to Xtreme Technologies

    Our experienced teams and professional customer support agents can help your business improve conversions via conversations. In simple words, we provide exceptional call center services so your venture, no matter big or small can turn interactions into profitable transactions!

    Here are 4 good reasons why our clients love to outsource their customer service departments to us:

    • We are goal oriented. You can tell us your basic to complex business objectives and we’ll create a winning strategy to help you meet your goals.
    • Our business process outsourcing services offer high flexibility and control even when we operate 100% remotely.
    • We believe in our people and processes. We have trained agents, with superb phone and email etiquettes.
    • Effective communication is the key to our success. We have handled customer success departments of some of the most reputable corporate names in the industry.

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