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Save your time, energy and financial resources by outsourcing your financial tasks!

    Streamline Your Financial Management Tasks

    Financial management, when it’s not your basic business domain, can be the biggest reason behind entrepreneurial burnout. But, you don’t really have to do all of it yourself. Also, you don’t have to hire expensive resources to maintain your books.

    Outsourcing your financial tasks like bookkeeping, account management, tax preparation and payroll saves you the effort you need to direct to your business success and growth. You’ll have real-time back-office support without having to pay for it full-time. You’ll have access to your financial analytics round the clock. Most importantly, outsourcing your accounting operations means you are giving your work in hands with expertise and experience.

    Why Hire Xtreme Technologies?

    We’re not going to leave you in the dark any longer.

    Custom packages for unique businesses

    Experts for small to C-level businesses

    Actionable, graphical insights for business growth

    Convenient bookkeeping and account management

    100% compliance to local and international standards

    Guaranteed financial data, accessibility, security and privacy

    Bookkeeping Services At
    Xtreme Technologies Service
    Stay ahead of your accounting game.

    With your accounting and bookkeeping tasks outsourced to Xtreme Technologies, you can focus more on business profitability and scalability. Invest your time, energy and internal human resource to boost sales and conversion rates.
    Outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks gives you an edge. Here is how:

    Let’s say you hire a full-time accountant and supporting team, you’d have to pay them salaries including financial and fringe benefits like insurance. More importantly, you’ll have to provide them with equipment as well as space to complete their tasks.

    Hiring Xtreme Tech saves you from all of this hassle. Plus, you won’t have to pressure this team during the tax season. No missed deadlines, no failed compliances, no notices ignored. Everything on your fingertips!
    Plus, you don’t always have to choose from the existing payment packages. Add or deduce the services you want to book, get a custom package and choose to pay upfront, installments or subscription model.

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    Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

    Xtreme Tech is a real B2B enthusiast. We are on a mission to empower businesses, partnerships, LLCs and enterprise-grade corporations with our top tools and expertise. Whatever the type or size of your business is, we have something for you.

    As a small business especially, you don’t have to worry about your financial management or budget constraints. Here is what we offer in our bookkeeping services for SMEs:

    Daily, weekly and monthly ledger maintenance

    Monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements preparation

    Special emphasis on liquidity, cash flows and capital

    Discrepancy correction

    Yearly outlook of your financial growth

    Business management ratios

    Invoice generation and cross-checking

    Tax preparation, optimization and filing

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Xtreme Tech’s Bookkeeping Service

    Who will I be talking to during my free consultation?

    Right when you book your free consultation, you will be connected to our expert bookkeepers and project managers. These bookkeepers will also act as your dedicated account managers assisting you throughout your time at Xtreme Technologies.

    How can Xtreme Technologies help with bookkeeping services?

    Xtreme Technologies has small business experts to C-level financial service providers on board. We maintain books of accounts, prepare monthly and annual tax returns, file income, sales and value added taxes and provide recommendations on integrating programs like Quickbooks.

    What happens if I miss my appointment?

    You can reschedule an appointment whenever you want. We’ll be more than happy to serve you at your convenience.

    When is the right time to get back-office help for my business?

    Back-office support is needed for every type and size of business. You should get back-office help when you plan to invest more time and energy growing your major business operations. At any stage, if you plan to employ back-office services, Xtreme Technologies is here to recommend you and assist you through these arrangements.

    Will I be locked into a contract?

    At Xtreme Technologies, you can choose to hire on a recurring model or up-front fee basis. Discuss your arrangement with our account manager and find an option that is most feasible for your business.

    Can bookkeeping or payroll services be purchased separately?

    Yes, any business can choose to buy dedicated payroll and bookkeeping services. Xtreme Technologies has ready and custom packages for different types and sizes of businesses.
    You can choose one according to your preferences and business needs.